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My tank top came in from RedBubble!
I’m so happy!

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            Crap, it was looking her way. Lydia feels her
            throat bob as nervousness begins to trickle
            down on top of her like cold water. 

                           ”I— I should probably be going now, right?”

                                She stands up fully, arching her back,
                                a few snapping sounds of vertebrate
                                she stretched. Its head stretches forward
                                while a long tongue extends from a slot
                                at the front of the metal helmet it wore.

                                                There was an extended groan,
                                                 kin to that of a large animal
                                                 yawning after a long bout of

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          At first the fox felt a surge of
          jealousy rip through him ——
          my kill that was mine how dare you ——
          and then he approached the large creature,
          gears clicking and
          w h i r r i n g
          as he canted his head gently to the side.

                His voice box crackled,
                the quiet voice of a child in fear
                of the boogeyman slipping out.


                                 The melancholy drone of a music
                                  box melody could be heard from 
                                  the shadows which the foreign 
                                  creature was last seen.

                                                   It stopped abruptly,
                                                   followed by a pitched,
                                                   constant static, sounding
                                                   almost muffled.

                           It only got consecutively louder,
                           finally showing the front fin of
                           helmet it had on its shoulders 
                           break into the dim lighting. 

                                                She was big. 
                                                 Towering over most men
                                                  at a staggering seven feet
                                                  in height. Rusted helmet,
                                                  torn and stained skirt, and
                                                  scar riddled skin caked in
                                                  old blood, now mixed with
                                                  a fresh coat from her recent

                                      “F̶̣̯͇͙̖ ͏̣r ̀I Ḛ͎̩͔̻ ̲͕̠͡n̨͕̼̖D̬͖̼̠̖́…”

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         ”I don’t— How is that functional?”

                              The creature in question only keeps its
                              head, so to say, in the direction of the 
                              voice that questioned it.

                                         Whoever was speaking, was too young;
                                          though dark in mind, not here for any
                                          sinful deed.

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